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Hello my fellow cosplayers, gamers and nerds,

Seems like there is such a rush to grow up and leave behind the fun and innocence of youth that we forget that growing older does not mean we have to grow up. About three years ago I did my first Bane cosplay at Comicpalooza in Houston and I was hooked from that moment on. What I love about cosplay is that, for just a little while, I can become someone else. A hero, a diabolical villain, a master of kung-fu, or even an apathetic anime character with the strength of a god. Sometimes its so much easier to be someone else than it is for us to be ourselves.

To attend a Con in cosplay is such a liberating exercise. To be around people that will not judge you, but instead appreciate the character you are and the work that goes into making these costumes. Your size, ethnicity, sexual preference, gender or race matter not as we are all united and accepted under the banner of Nerdhood. Many will not understand why we do it, but to those that do I say "Thank you" for your support.

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