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We produce fully handwoven, hand-dyed fabrics and handspun yarn.

I am obsessed with all things fiber arts related. I picked up my first pair of pointy sticks back in 2003, and it was love at first stitch. By 2014, just knitting wasn't enough any more. I learned to dye, to weave, and to spin. I'm still working on learning crochet, but it's starting to feel like overkill at this point. I need to save some time to teach my four kids all about my art.

There's something about taking a tuft of fluff and working it into yarn, then into cloth, then into a usable finished piece that becomes a part of your life that is symbolic of the interconnectedness of all life. The art of fiber is where we see how the vibrance of each individual strand fits in to the greater tapestry of the multiverse.

If you have never had the chance to experience the difference between mass produced cloth and the quality of a fully handwoven textile, I invite you to do so now. You won't regret it.

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