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Greetings adventurers! I’ve been cosplaying for almost five years now, focusing on making beautiful cosplays on a budget. I started with my first Con at Megacon Orlando, fell in love, and I’ve been cosplaying ever since! I’m a big advocate of ANYONE can cosplay, regardless of age, sex, race, size, or sexuality. Cosplay is for everyone; an amazing escape from the real world into a welcoming community. I cosplay everything and anything that interests me; I love gender bending characters and designing my own versions of things. I’m a full time performer, which really gives me the edge in bringing all of my cosplays to life! I’d still call myself a beginner comparatively, but the love for the game is strong and my will to learn even stronger. Oh, I’m also a huge weeb, LOTR is my jam, I’d kill for some charcuterie, and I’m always open to collaborate, learn from, and meet other cosplayers around the world! Hope to see you out there on the Con floor one day, Love, Cassandra Ariel
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