Exhibitor Info
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
(also known as Dallas Convention Center)
Exhibit Halls: E & F
650 S. Griffin St.
Dallas TX 75201
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Set Up Time:
Friday June 18
7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Your booth must be set up by the time the expo doors open at 1pm.

Move Out Time:
Saturday June 19
Immediately following the closing of the expo.

Loading Dock Info:
There will be designated unloading areas for you to unload. Please make sure you bring your own cart unless you want to pay for a service. The convention center has a rule that you only have 30 mins to unload your vehicle and move it off of the docks. They will be enforcing the 30 min time frame and will write tickets or tow people who are not compliant so please unload quickly and move your vehicle off of the dock. More info on parking and rates can be found on the convention center website.
All of our expos also offer Wi-Fi and electric, which can be purchased through the convention center. The form to order electric is in your exhibitor kit. WiFi is purchased onsite at the convention center services desk during set-up. For more information on electricity & purchasing WiFi please visit the convention center’s website.

Please make sure to also complete the Centerplate Food/Beverage Sampling form and send it to the contact listed below before moving onto the health department requirements.

Donna Vandiver
Senior Catering Manager
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas
650 South Griffin Street
Dallas , Texas, 75202
(P) 214-743-2407
(C) 214-325-6635
(F) 214-743-2515
(E) donna.vandiver@centerplate.com

Everyone who is sampling food or beverages at the event is required to have a temporary special event food permit for their booth onsite. You will need to contact the City of Dallas Consumer Health Department to obtain a temporary special event food permit by setting up an in person appointment (scheduling is about a week out) or via mail (which you would need to handle 2+ weeks prior to the event). We have listed their office contact info below so feel free to reach out to them directly with any questions.

City of Dallas Department of Code Compliance
Consumer Health Division
7901 Goforth Rd.
Dallas, TX 75238
(P) 214-670-8083

Please click this link below to access the site that will walk you through the process of acquiring a special event food permit:

If you plan on having music at your booth, please read and sign this music waiver and submit back to the UBU Expo's Show Manager, Steve Straka. Email: steve@visionstarentertainment.com
Music Policy Form

Vendor Badges are for the people working your booth. They must have a vendor badge on to be inside the expo at any time. They may pick up their vendor badges during set up at the VENDOR CHECK-IN BOOTH. This is located at the back dock during set up hours. If your booth workers are picking up their badges while the expo is going on, the Cosplay.live Check-in Booth is located in the lobby by the ticketing area. If you need additional badges they are $50 each.

Fire Marshal Requirements:

1. All vehicles must have under 1/4 tank of gas
2. All vehicles must have a taped or locking gas cap
3. Once in position the battery cables need to be disconnected