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Claire is a DFW cosplayer, and has been officially in the cosplay game for 5 years, but whose passion for costumes, and nerdiness has been lifelong. Her top loves are Harry Potter, Harley Quinn, and horror. Not only is she a general nerd, but she loves video games. She will play anything, but fighting games are her specialty. She does have a passion for zombies, and Resident Evil which has inspired her cosplay name. When it comes to cosplay, prop making is by far her strong suit, though she still spends time swearing at her sewing machine. Currently she is preparing a gender bent Kratos for upcoming conventions and is working on her Blades of Chaos. Her dream cosplays are Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw complete with a homemade light up chainsaw, and Claire Redfield, the character responsible for her cosplay.

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