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Location: Fort Worth-Dallas/Carrollton-Lewisville Areas, TX

My name is Troy and I've been Cosplaying since 2013. Over the past few years I've met lots of fun people. The last 4 years I've been participating as Batman for the National Adoption Day Heroes at the Forth Worth Courthouse. Also, I'm a member of "Heroic Inner Kids" a great local cosplay charity organization. I enjoy Cosplaying Batman as he is a favorite at most events. But I'm a Marvel Comics and Wolverine fan at heart!

For the last 28 years I've been a photo retouch/graphic designer/production artist. Most of my young to adult life I've enjoyed collecting comic/sci-fi memorabilia and had been known to frequent comic book conventions. I had noticed and really enjoyed the enthusiasm in people dressing up in sci-fi and comic book characters at the comic cons. Then I understood that there were people getting payed to dress up like this! Can't lie that this was interesting to hear about... However, I also found that there were individuals and groups doing charity events and hospital visits as characters. I thought long and hard about trying my hand at what I heard was called "cosplay". Also, I figured it would be really expensive to do what I was considering... Because, I wanted to do what I felt would be, at least for me, something really high quality and others would appreciate. I wasn't wrong... Around 2012, I was interested in trying my hand at this cosplay thing and put together a fairly inexpensive Wolverine Origins costume. Turned out ok... I don't look like Hugh Jackman, so I mostly passed off as a decent enough, outfit-guy with claws. People seemed to appreciate the effort so I continued participating in cosplay as a hobby and advanced into what I have become today... a frequenter of comic cons as Wolverine or showing up as Bat-Man at various charity and elementary school events. It's been a fun ride!

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