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Hello all, may name is Daniel, I’m fairly new to cosplay yet I’ve had a deep love for superheroes as far back as I can remember. When I was four I broke my foot when I lept off some playground equipment attempting to fly because I had seen Superman do it at the movies, to my young surprise I didn’t fly, but as I told my father “I falled”. I’ve always been drawn to comics and superheroes and when I discovered cosplay I fell in love with them all over. I get a joy and a sense of pride when I’m at a con and a little kid tugs on my arm to take a photo with a real life superhero. Even though no one can see it I’m normally smiling like an idiot under my mask. Currently I Cosplay mostly as X-Force Deadpool but I’m working on Taskmaster and hope to one day have Doctor Doom complete as well. I prefer characters who are masked because it allows me to no longer be myself and more the characters I love. There may be some unmasked cosplays in my future I just haven’t decided on any. That’s me in a nutshell thank you for taking your time to read my ramblings.

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