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I'm Luke an aspiring Propmaker. Coming from an Engineering background in the North-East of England has given me a solid understanding of a wide range of tools, techniques and strong understanding materiel properties to best achieve a set goal. Creatively I have been designing since my early teens with a bias on Graphics and 3D Design, coupled with my engineering talents & qualifications, I'm able to employ state of the art and pioneering techniques to best effect. At JJ Industries we look to offer a wide range of what we call "Creative Engineering Services" this could be anything from a custom prop, or set design through to support and education on how to take your design through to a manufacturable product for small to large scale manufacturing. I've been employed by one of the worlds most prestigious Engineering firms for over a decade in which time I continued my creative endeavours, I received a BSc Hons In Electronics/Engineering in 2011 skills of which transfer into prop-making very well. I'm confident in my abilities & a quick learner, furthermore, I have a great deal of experience to offer In new and pioneering techniques such as CAD-CAM Manufacture and FDM/SLA/SLS Rapid Prototyping as well as Finishing, Painting & Mold Making. I have a solid understanding of the Engineering of Structure & Industrial Design as well as being a competent carpenter. I'm comfortable with a wide range of Media from 3D Print & PU Casts to Foam, Metal & Wood. At my core, I'm a deeply detail orientated maker with a strong desire to create stunningly beautiful and thought-provoking props. I Greatly look forward to hearing from you. Love & Metal Luke Daley
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