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MasamuneWG is an aspiring Texas based cosplayer, with roughly a year of cosplay and contest experience. He actively started attending conventions in 2017, and immediately fit right in, and felt cosplay would be a great artistic outlet. It has quickly become his #1 hobby and passion.

Despite being relatively new to the con scene, MasamuneWG has quickly gained recognition in competitions. His first cosplay contest was ArlingCon 2017, where he was awarded Best in Show. Since then, he has entered 5 competitions and has won a total of 6 awards. While he loves pushing his skills and competing, he does not do it for the awards; he does it for the fun, enjoyment of art, and the wonderful community experience from being involved!

His current goals are to continue to improve his craft and become more involved in the community where he has made so many new friends.

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