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My name is Tiffany “MzzSkittles” Richardson, I am 32 years young hailing from the DMV tri-state area. I am a Graphic Designer and blerd enthusiasts. I love everything from anime, video games, comics, cosplay, art and more. I enjoy traveling and was a frequent Con-goer long before I became a cosplayer in 2017. I am also the Director of Graphic Design and a Co-owner of Urban Anime Lounge (UAL). I decided to make and debut my first cosplay at DragonCon as Storm in 2017. The feedback was amazing so I decided to continue perfecting this craft. Now here I am. As an artist, cosplay is another creative medium I use as an outlet. I try to freely express my imagination and creativity as much as possible. Prior to UAL and being a full-time graphic designer, I felt trapped in a space where I didn’t have time to fully be myself. Cosplay helped me break those chains and making my cosplays from scratch takes a lot of time and patience. Outside of makeup and closet cosplays, I make all my cosplays ...sewing, foam-smithing/building, prosthetics and more. By making the time to create these characters, I realized that I can push my life in any direction I see fit, even when I don’t think I have the time. Cosplay has brought creativity into all aspects of my life and I shall continue to grow and shine. I love drawing and graphic design but cosplaying allows me to temporary become art itself. I love that and anyone can do it!
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