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After 20 years of making historical costumes for reeenacting, I decided to satisfy my science fiction cravings and joined the Star Wars Society of San Antonio. I made costumes for my family and we participated in charity events and parades. We heard about Wizard World in Austin, our first comic convention, and I prepared a new, somewhat daring, costume. I was encouraged to enter the contest and at age 50, my Darth Talon took 1st place Overall Female. I was hooked! I have since created many award winning cosplays and enjoy showcasing my work. I like tocreate mashups of popular characters in historical costumes like my Avengers Civil War ball gown. I also like to gender swap characters like with my Lady Joker and my hubby Charles as Hardley Quinn (name spelling is on purpose). A highlight of my cosplay journey was being judged by a panel including Yaya Han at DreamHack in Austin. My Transformation Elsa took 2nd place Master Class and Han complimented my attention to detail (Video on my Facebook page). I also got to meet David Tennant in my Lady TARDIS. He was impressed that the skirt opened to show it was actually "bigger on the inside." I really enjoy making costumes for my family and they are pretty good sports about wearing whatever I make (note my husband and son as the Sanderson sisters) . For our 40th anniversary,my husband and I renewed our vows at the Texas Renaissance Festival. The entire family was outfitted in period JLA costumes. I am fortunate that I can often wear costumes at my work because I am an elementary school librarian. I am proud to be a board member and Cosplay Chair for my district's literary con for secondary students ( I enjoy sharing my love of costuming and seeing their progress year to year. I am 63 years young and currently working on my Cosplay entry for San Japan, one of my favorite cons because of its stringent judging.

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