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I’m a 3D Artist with a keen eye and flair for design. I have a passion for the culinary arts, an insatiable need to sketch, and bring to life characters from a block of clay. I’ve worked in the 3D printing sector expanding my core competency as a 3D artist by learning how to take digital content and 3d printing it to become reality. I followed my passion of the toy designer scene and ran my own art gallery and designer toy store. Recently I took all my skill sets and am currently working in the Pet Industry designing Disney dog toys. I’ve created brands, logos, magazine spreads, 3d models, 3d and 2d animations and websites – not only for others – but for myself as well. I’ve been featured in magazines on the radio and on TV. I’ve participated in multiple custom toy shows and have even curated my own group art shows. I’ve shown at some of the biggest conventions such as New York Comic Con and Designer Con and now am managing one of the hottest Art Gallery & Designer Toy Stores in Philly.”

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