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My name is Savannah, I’m a cosplayer, bikini competitor, and all around nerd. I started cosplaying several years ago. I currently have all the following cosplays Poison Ivy, Red Sonja, White Widow, White Widow (stealth suit), MJ Watson, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, female Kratos, and Slave Leia. I’ve got a few other cosplays in the works, I tend to craft when I’m stressed and there’s plenty of stress to be found in a doctorate program. I create some of my costumes from scratch, like the Ivy, it’s a fully boned corsetted bunny suit. Others I create parts of and purchase other parts, like Sonja, I made all of the metal armor bikini and the cape, but I purchased the leather work and plastic pieces. Others I just completely purchased, like my Wonder Woman.
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