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Hello fellow Cosplayers. My name is Roger and I've been Cosplaying for around 6 years now. My first Con was Dallas Expo where I first discovered Cosplaying. I've always been a huge Halloween fan. I always dressed up. Discovering Cosplay was like a dream I never knew existed. Who wouldn't want to be able to costume up more than one time a year? Over the past few years I've met some amazing people in the community. I also rediscovered my passion for helping out kids in need, thanks to an amazing local Cosplay Charity Organization called "Heroic Inner Kids"! It's been such an amazing experience. I look forward to many more conventions and charity events to come! Please feel free to visit my Facebook Cosplay page and check out all the amazing costumes and events I've done over these few years. Here's hoping I'll meet you at one.

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