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My name is Eve - a.k.a Suspicious Tumbleweed. I'm a professional seamstress, fabricator, and cosplayer from Quebec, Canada. With nearly 10 years of experience behind me, I have created costumes from a wide variety of sources including gaming, films & TV, books, and some original designs.


My journey began back in 2012, when I was costuming with friends. I was wearing ready-made costumes I had purchased online. I remember being completely amazed by the wonderful costumes that crafters and cosplayers were bringing to events, and so I decided I would start making my own. 


I began by following online tutorials made by professional cosplayers, and attempting to recreate what I saw through trial and error. In 2014, I started to work with thermoplastics, like Worbla, and later expanded into using EVA foam. I instantly fell in love with making and wearing armor; it continues to be one of my favourite parts of costume-building.  By 2015 I was much more confident in my sewing abilities, and so I was able to start making all the components of my costumes - including the shoes!


Since then, I've taken on increasingly elaborate and challenging builds, both for my own costumes and commissions from clients. I've also been a guest at conventions as a cosplay judge,  and given numerous workshops and panels. In my latest builds, I have incorporated specialist techniques such as LED electronics, wig styling, and resin casting.    


My current goals are to continue to improve and hone my skills, and further expand my commission services. I also want to help others learn how to make their own costumes, and to enjoy costume making as much as I do! On my YouTube channel, you'll find my sewing and fabrication tutorials, as well as my costume walkthroughs. You can also join me live on Twitch where I stream my work on projects, and am always happy to answer any questions and share my expertise with all interested parties.

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