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Hello, all! I'm a cosplayer from Garland, TX who specializes in nothing in particular. I like to come up with a good idea or two per year, and unleash my creativity! When I'm not dressing up as one of my favorite characters, I'm teaching martial arts, writing novels, or designing/running tabletop games. Currently, I'm studying to get my personal trainer's certification. When I'm feeling especially lazy, I like to kick back and watch some Netflix.

I enjoy the company of people, and I really love making new friends. I'm all about being a positive influence and sharing love in the community. It gets harder and harder as you get older to socialize, especially in an age where things are getting more impersonal. The cosplay and convention community is something I believe to be a force for good in this regard, breaking barriers and bringing people together under a common banner of weirdness!

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